In 2014, Apollo Education Group® and our entities around the globe bid a fond farewell to our founder and inspirational guide of more than 40 years, Dr. John Sperling.

His visionary commitment to answering the need for adult learners to have more options and ready access to education led to his founding the forerunners of Apollo Education Group. Through the decades, more than one million learners have benefitted from his vision, fortitude, and persistence amid formidable resistance to change the previous methods of preparing the next generation of learners to be active contributing members of society thereby enriching our planet.

Always forward looking, his inspiration and passion extended into philanthropy and ensuring healthy, sustainable environments where people could excel at their personal, family, and career endeavors. He was noted for saying “what good is having money if you can’t do something good with it.” It is in this spirit that Dr. Sperling institutionalized the idea of corporate social responsibility long before it was part of business vernacular. And it is in his honor that Apollo Education Group carries forth the torch lit so long ago by Dr. Sperling through more than $20 million dollars a year dedicated to philanthropic initiatives.

At Apollo Education Group, we will miss Dr. Sperling’s tireless commitment to looking beyond the horizon and his dedication to the millions of learners yet to benefit from his early vision. In honoring his memory and acknowledging his legacy, we remain committed to giving back to the communities where we work and live, making our environment more sustainable, and improving our planet through higher education.