Investing in Our Future

We know from direct experience how access to an education can change one life that will, in turn, impact untold numbers of other lives. That is why we are so passionate about helping learners get access to education. There are many barriers students have to overcome in preparing for their futures and we look for ways to ease some of those barriers. In 2015, working with local, state, and national organizations, we awarded more than $12 million in full- and partial-tuition scholarships to help with the financial barrier for adult learners seeking an undergraduate or master’s degree.

For the past eight years, Apollo Education Group® in tandem with University of Phoenix® collaborated with American Veterans (AMVETS®) one of the nation’s foremost veterans service organizations to offer scholarships. AMVETS® was originally founded in 1944 to support the needs of World War II veterans. Since being founded, AMVETS now assists individuals who are currently serving, or who have honorably served, in the U.S. Armed Forces from World War II to the present. As part of their commitment, AMVETS supports those who desire to finish their education. Since 2008, we have had the opportunity to award 337 scholarships to current members of the active military, honorably discharged veterans including spouses and children of both active military and honorably discharged veterans. This year 20 full-tuition scholarships were awarded for the recipient to complete an entire undergraduate or master’s degree at University of Phoenix.

One of the largest workforce populations is the retail and restaurant industry and Apollo Education Group started looking at ways to help fill the education gap within the industry. Through collaboration with the National Retail Federation Foundation we have offered the Dream BIG Scholarship to retail employees who want to enhance their careers through education. The NRF Foundation shapes retail’s future by building awareness of the industry through statistics and stories; developing talent through education, experiences and scholarships; and fostering career growth among people who work in retail. In the past three years, we have awarded 50 full-tuition scholarships to current retail/restaurant employees who have big dreams in continuing their retail career in any number of disciplines including, but not limited to, business, finance, criminal justice, technology, management and marketing.

This report outlines just a sampling of our efforts aimed at ensuring educational access, fostering career readiness, and building sustainable environments where our learners and employees can develop and thrive.